• Sleep Dentistry

  • Do you have obstructive sleep apnea?  Do you hate your CPAP?  You may be a good candidate for an oral appliance to treat your sleep apnea, and Dr. Moore has been making them for years.
    Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder that puts people at higher risk for many very serious health issues, including a much higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.  The CPAP is a very effective treatment for sleep apnea, but many cannot tolerate it, so the sleep apnea often goes untreated.  This is where an oral appliance comes in.  An oral appliance comfortably moves your jaw forward, opening the airway, allowing your body to get the oxygen it needs while sleeping, thereby reducing your risks of the aforementioned serious health issues, and many others.  It tends to be much better tolerated than the CPAP as there is no machine, no noise, no mask, and no tubes.  You can sleep in any position, and there's nothing to take off if you need to get up.  It's also much easier to travel with.
    Not everyone is a candidate for an oral appliance, but for those that are, it can be a very effective and comfortable treatment.  Dr. Moore would be happy to discuss this with you, and help determine if it's right for you.